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A microphone is a device that records voices. Professionals like singing, voice acting dubbing are based on the voices so the quality of the voices makes a very big difference in the final outcome. It’s very important to record the voices on a good device So that it didn’t ruin your work. Is really lewitt Mics is good? These answers explain further in this blog.

Voices can be easily recorded by phones recorder but did not give us the quality that we need for our content.

Lewitt Mics

So let’s try to know about the difference between phone voice recorders and microphones what are the criteria for a good microphone which microphone is good and so on.

Phone Voice Recorder Vs Microphone

Phone Voice Recorder

In, these days smartphones are the basic device in our homes. In every smartphone, it has its own voice recorder and it’s very easy to use but what about its quality well the quality of the voice recorder is very much dependent on the quality of the phone itself but the merits and demerits for most of the phone voice recorder is here.

Firstly we will talk about the merits of the phone voice recorder as I mentioned earlier the phone voice recorder is very easy to use it has nothing complicated or which is hard to understand.

It’s very easy to carry as we all do we use to carry the phones as we move outside now we will discuss the demerits of the phone voice recorder usually the voice is recorded on the phone recorder has a different texture than the original one which makes a very big difference for the professions based on the voices, there is no sound cancellation, the recorded voices also gone through the breakage the phone recorders also were not able to give the clear voice which we which we usually want.


A microphone is a specialized device for recording audio. It provides all the features for recording like noise cancellation, no breakage, perfect voice texture, etc which you needed for a good quality of audio for your work.

So the quality microphone will be that which provides you with all of these features. And one of the companies which provide you with all these is Lewitt.

About Lewitt Company

Lewitt Company was founded in Vienna, Austria in 2010. Its headquarters are in Vienna itself. In a few years, Lewitt had made its special place in the Audio sector by its quality, features, design, and services.
The best part of Lewitt is this it only produces a microphone and So its full focus is on it. This makes its product unique and Worthy. So Let’s begin to know about its Product one by one.

Let’s talk about some Lewit Mic

The specialty of Lewitt is the frequency response and the output quality. If I am a singer or a podcaster What do I want from the mic? First is the quality of voice which is recorded by Mic, Second is the quality of Output.

Also one of the important things to notice is the noise level of the mic wait! It’s not a background noise It’s a vibration of Mic. In a low-quality mic, this problem is faced. But this brand work on this problem.

According to Globenewswire In the past four years, this brand increased its revenue from 1.84 Billion to 3.06 Billion which is a very big no. This brand build trust across all users. Thatswhy, this growth easy achieved by Lewit company.    

Let look at one of the Lewitt Mic Lewitt LCT 440 Pure is an all-in-one set. The frequency of this mic is top-notch perfect for singers, youtube, and any other. This mic is the best Mic in this price range. All the high end technology is used in this Lewitt Mic.

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