How To Clean Trimmer In 10 mins ( 5 Ways)

Everyone’s common question How To Clean Trimmer? In this article, I answer all Query about Cleaning a trimmer so reads the full article. Cleaning a trimmer is very important for your personal hygiene and also for Trimmer Life.

If you properly clean your trimmer regularly then it helps to increase the efficiency of the trimmer and Also it increases the life of the trimmer. Any electronic gadget needs proper maintenance for better performance.

How To Clean Trimmer

At recent times proper hygiene and cleaning is a very important aspect of our life. If you share your trimmer with others for use then it’s necessary to clean your trimmer regularly. I strongly not recommended to share your trimmer with others.

How to Clean Trimmer Blades? In Proper Way

Here I will explain all steps properly how to clean trimmer. So let Started

1. Remove the Comb of the Trimmer

How to clean Trimmer

Firstly make sure where to clean your trimmer, Clean your trimmer in-plane surface.

  1. Remove the cutting hair from the comb and collect all the hair.
  2. Take a small brush and slowly brush the trimmer comb because sometimes tiny hair is stuck and not removed from the Comb thatswhy a small brush is important when cleaning your trimmer.
  3. Please make sure the brush is properly cleaned.
  4. After this, you can wash the trimmer comb also you can use disinfectant soap solution or Sanitizer solution.
  5. Then dry your Comb properly after all the cleaning steps this you can attract your comb.

2. Remove a Blade for Cleaning

The blade is the most sensitive area of the trimmer. So make sure when you remove your blade, the blade is not damaged remove your trimmer blade slowly and safely. Every trimmer has a different procedure to remove the blade. So follow all these steps properly:-

  1. The first and important step is to remove the wire from the trimmer make sure no electricity is supply to the trimmer for personal safety.
  2. Remove the Blade properly with all safety procedures.
  3. Take a small brush and slowly brushes the area of the blade to make sure no hair is left to the blade
  4. Then you can use water if your trimmer is waterproof otherwise you can also use but I don’t recommended .
  5. You can use the air compressor to clean the trimmer blade without de-assemble the parts of the blade.
  6. Last but not the least please try use soft brush to blushes the blade and if you use any cloth to clean then makesure no cotton swabs stuck between the blades.

3. Fixed the Cleaned Blade

The most important step is fixing the blade so focus on these steps and follow all these steps properly:-

  1. Disassemble all the blade parts and wash all the parts slowly with soap water or you can use any disinfectant solution.
  2. Wait for some minutes to dry a blade.
  3. After sometime later you can assemble all the parts carefully And then check the blade properly that the blade damage or not. If all steps are clear then put the blade onto the trimmer.
  4. Your trimmer is ready to use for next time.

4. Lubricate Blade

How To Clean Trimmer

Lubrication is very important in any mechanical gadgets is helps to protect your metal part from any type of rusting. Oiled blades help to protect the blade edges longer and prevent rusting also helps to cut hair smoothly. Follow these steps:-

  1. Turn on the trimmer and then apply lubricate oil maximum two drop to the blade. Dont put more than two drop of oil it cause damage in the trimmer as well as blade.
  2. After that run trimmer for 1 min at least it helps you to distribute the oil evenly in all the blade components .

Many of Trimmer packaging comes with a small pack of oil you can apply these oil .

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

Can we wash trimmer with water?

Yes, you can wash the trimmer in only one condition if the trimmer is waterproof or it is IP6 certified but you can wash the blade in tap water if the blade made up of Steel or in the instruction given that you can wash the blade only in this condition I will recommend you to wash the blade otherwise not do this. If the trimmer is waterproof you can wash in tap water it will not reflect in your warranty but other conditions may reflect varies on different Brand.

How do you deep clean a trimmer?

I discuss all the steps in brief on how to clean trimmer above I recommended you to follow all these it helps you to clean your trimmer deeply.

What happens if you don’t clean your clippers?

Its effects on trimmer efficiency of cutting hair also the speed of the blade is decreased so please clean your trimmer regularly.

Can I clean my clippers with vinegar?

Yes you can use a vinegar solution to clean the blade because vinegar is an acidic solution creates through different processes of fermentation. It is used as a cleaning solution that is natural and not harmful. Also, it is less expensive than other disinfectants solution.

Can you use rubbing alcohol to clean clippers?

Yes, you can use alcohol to clean the clipper but make sure you use 70 % alcohol solution otherwise it is useless to use for cleaning purposes.

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